Rachel Lowell Is a fourteen year old singer from the small island of Malta situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Rachel sings all sorts of music but her favourite is Classic and Pop Opera Music.

Rachel was always interested in music but she never thought of it being in a big part of her life. At an early age, about 4 years a school teacher talked to her mum about her talent and thought it was best to take her somewhere involving music. And that is what her parents did. Rachel started attending a musical theatre school consisting of singing, drama and dancing. At that time she was taking part in musicals such as ‘Charlie and the chocolate Factory’, `Cats` and many others.

At the age of 7 she was given her first big role involving music at school. She took the main part of a school concert and sang one of her favourite songs called ‘Thank you for the music’ and from then on she was started being called ‘the little pearl’.

She was then invited to sing the same song in an open air BBQ in front of large Audience. It was her first time singing in public. In 2010 she got a main part in the Musical `Ugly duckling`.

During 2011 she was interested in taking one to one Vocal Coaching and she was taught by Kurt Calleja. He told her that she had a unique voice. In 2012 Kurt Callejja won the Malta song for Europe and he was chosen to represent Malta in the Eurovision. Since he was busy with his rehearsals he advised her to start going to a new music coach and he told her to go to ‘La voix’ Academy and so Rachel did.

At the La Voix Academy her Vocal Coach Gillian Attard told her that she had a soprano Voice. She started singing her first song – ‘Nella fantasia’ and 2012 she competed in her first local festival and managed to obtain the first place award.

In November 2012 Rachel went to audition for Britain’s Got Talent which was her first experience abroad were she had very nice comments from the judges. From that time Rachel took part in Many local festivals and had great results.

In 2013 rachel took part in a Singing workshop Trapani where she had to chance to meet many  many singers and had the opportunity to be vocal coached by Iskra – Lucio Dalla’s vocal coach and Gio Di Tonno.

Later on that year Rachel had passed an Audition for Baby Voice and  Rachel was chosen to go and record the Maltese and Italian anthem in  Servigiliano in Italy with other singers.

2013 was a busy year for Rachel with her last achievement being in a local Festival were she won the best singer of the year award.

In 2014 Rachel started singing with Local Bands including The San Pio X Band Club Lija, St. Joseph Band Club Hal Ghaxaq and Carbanoro and Friends Band. Her repertoire include Phantom of the Opera, Il Mare calmo Della Sera, Hallelujah, Rise Like a Phoenix, The Prayer, Xemx, Only Tear Drops, I Dream a Dream and much more.  In August she was choosen to sing during the 150th anniversary of the statue of Our Saviour in her homtome Lija in front of many many people.

Rachel was also invited to sing on Local TV Stations in Fund Raising Activities , TV Programs and Radio Staions.

In March 2014 Rachel formed part of the Kor L-Ghanja tal-Polu and she had a main part in a Musical which was done in the Ghanja tal-Poplu Festival which was held at Sir Temi Zammit Hall and was aired on TV.

Rachel won many Festivals including one in April 2014 by Erseb Productions were she was chosen to represent Malta in the beautiful country of Macedonia in 2014 for the Lake Pearls Festival. Rachel was the smallest contestant in her category and she managed to managed to come second in the International Lake Pearls Festival, making not only her family proud but even Malta and her academy.

In 2015  Rachel was again chosen to represent Malta in Prague after winning another local Festival by Erseb Productions. This year Rachel is also taking part in The TV Kids Festival Kalamita were she had passed from the first stages and now will be taking part in the Semifinal.

Rachel has also passed to go straight to the semifinals on a programme aired on a mediaset programme named ''Tra Sogno E Realta''.

Meanwhile Rachel did an audition for an Italian Tv programme named ‘Una stella sta nascendo’ were she passed from the first two Programs and the Semifinal which was held in san Cataldo Sicily in front of a large crowd.

Rachel gave another wonderfull performance in the final, which was held in Caltanisetta, Sicily and managed to obtain first place

In 2016 Rachel had many singing opportunities as in previous years which included singing with Local band, during local activities and on various Tv Marathons.

In July 2016, Rachel had the opportunity to represent Malta in an International festival in Lithuania. 99 Soloist from 13 different countries competed in The Baltic Voice and Rachel won the festival and was awarded the Golden Gran Prix.

Later on that Month Rachel was also one of the Finalist of the National Selection for the Malta Eurovision song Contest which was held at the Mediterranean Conference Center in Valletta.

In September Rachel and four of her friends from the La Voix School of performing Arts accompanied their vocal coach during the Ghanja tal-Poplu Festival which was held during the Notte Biamca in Valletta.

November was another busy period for Rachel as she was choosen as a stand in for four Countries during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Malta. It was another great experience for Rachel.

During the Summer Rachel was also busy with the rehersals of the Sound of Music. The Musical which was a Production of Gravevine Malta was held at the Mediterranean Conference Center In Valletta in December.

2017 was another busy year for Rachel as she was invited to sing in various Local Villages during the Feast Concerts. During this year Rachel started attending  VocalBooth Studio under the direction of Glen Vella. During the Summer Rachel was also busy with the rehearsals and production of the Phantom of The Opera Musical a Production of Grapevine Malta.

Rachel was also one of the finalist of the Entertainment Singing Challenge were she had the opportunity to sing with Roger Tirazona in a special Edition Program.

In November 2017 Rachel submitted an original Song for the Għanja tal-Poplu – Żgħażagħ, a singing festival dedicated to original Maltese Songs. Following a premilanery stage and live auditions Rachel made it to the finals which will take place in March 2018. Rachel will be singing the song “Li Tizra Tahsad” written by Emil Calleja Bayliss and music composed by Philip Vella

Currently Rachel is also taking part in The Entertainers singing Challenge, which is aired every Saturday Night on one of Malta`s TV Stations.

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