Una Stella Sta Nascendo

Following an Audition in Malta by the La Voix Academy and Una Stella Sta Nascendo Agency, Rachel had passed to appear on the program which is aired on Sky Italia. In April of this year Rachel when to San Cataldo for the first two programs which were recorded in a studio in front of the judges, and she had made it through to the semifinals.

In May she went back to San Cataldo for the Semifinal. The semifinal was done in a large open area in San Cataldo infront of thousands of people and which was again aired on SkyItalia. Rachel gave a wonderfull interpreation and made it through to the Final.

The Final is going to be held on the 28th June 2015 at Caltanisinetta during the Annual ACI Fiera

In the Final which was held in the city of Catanisetta during the ACI Fiera in front of over four thousand spectators and thousands more who saw the show on the TV Station SKY Italia, Rachel Lowell manage to obtain first place and had wonderful comments from the judges.

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